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Default Original small Gwent model

I thought you might like to see these photographs of the original small Gwent model.
I bought it from collector Phil Rae in the early eighties, and it was in reasonable condition with just a bit of studio wear and tear and a couple of the legs and blocks being loose. There was a removable panel underneath for access to the motor, but this had been removed.
Unfortunately these are the only photographs I took and I never even considered taking measurements or producing a drawing why didnt I!!!
Subsequently I traded it back to Phil for some other 1999 / Alien stuff and he resold it. I asked him a couple of years ago who bought it but he couldnt remember, so if anyone knows its current owner Id be interested in finding out where it is now.

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Steve Gerard
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Good to see these pics.
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Crimson Binome
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Great Pics - it was a great design nothing similar seen
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