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Default peazo-cat, permission to board

the first a big hello to all .. I stand in this great forum because I decide to retake the modeling of sci-fi ... I've been making models since 1974, Airfix planes, matchbox cars, from there on I started with 80 cars Tamiya and Italeri, and in the 90s started with scifi, accumulating many awards with slave 1, Predator 2 and the DeLorean from the 3rd part of back to the future, also make ships of star trek, the eagle 1999 to hunt Cylon Aliens, etc. and stop everything to regain what I filled the blindados.aunque but now I just give a sky 1 and I'm a bit lost.

good about me .. I will say that I'm from Alicante, Spain. I have 46 years old, married with two kids and four years without a job and I am very desesperado.pero that's another story
I belong to an association modeling (AIME) and am in the forums Yoryi, Aime, and some more ... my name is Jorge, for friends Jordi ... but in this world I am known as "peazo-cat". I have a blog too young ... but there it is
I would now like to ask you some understanding, as this not knowing English and having to use a translator ... overwhelms me

well ... you do not get bored more ... a big welcome to this forum and its members
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Captain Sci-Fi
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Welcome Jordi good to see you on this forum.

If you have pictures of your models I would like to see them please? There is always something good to learn by looking at different work than your own.

I hope you have a good time here and make many friends.

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Hello there
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