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Originally Posted by Carlos Ramirez View Post
I don´t know about the paper model you are requesting, however I built mine using Withers and Robitaille patterns, so I suppose you can simply enlarge them to the size you like, however be warned: The files did not have chips to make the textures of the legs or the cabin or the pod, I printed them twice: one for making the surface and the other for making the details.
In the case of the pod I needed to print it trice because the door has too many details inside it.

If you are going to enlarge the patterns be sure to check the size before printing because the files are tiff files instead of svg files making them prone to distort.
Thank you for the advice 😃
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I am currently on with a double sized build of the paper eagle.
Ive got the command module done to a standard I am happy with & have got part of the cage done.
I have used varying thickness of paper/card to get the cage/parts to the point where I am happy with them.
Its going to be a long/part time build so in no hurry.
I have been resizing/cutting the passenger module today so I can make it with as few pieces as possible & the joins are as hidden as possible.
The sides/top can be just about done (in double size) with a a4 sheet for one half of the top and full side making the join under the spine when its fitted. Done a test run today & it looks like it will work ok with the ends separate & the join in the middle of the roof of the passenger compartment.
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