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I totally lost interest in the last series of Dr Who & didn't bother watching them after the first couple of episodes.
We were only talking the other day saying what a shame it was for Peter Capaldi as he could have been so better if he had better scripts/backup.
From internet chatter its looking like Peter Capaldi's later episodes actually show what he could have been all through. I am looking forward to watching them a little more now.

Isnt catch up tv/iplayer so useful.

I am glad that Moffatt has handed back the reigns & look forward to the new series a little more now.

As for the female Dr I suppose its been speculated about on a few occasions before and if she has good scripts/stories I can see it might add a new element to The Doctor.

Time will tell.
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As Dr Who morphs all the time
He could be a Maori woman next
Or a Norwegian female
It's fantasy
And I am looking forward to the performance from this lady
She's brave to take on the role & somehow I think she'll be brilliant
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doctor who, thirteenth doctor

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