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Been a busy weekend, painting and decaling and repairing shocking mistakes!

Firstly, masking and painting done for the beak - I'm VERY pleased with how the black came out. In both my 2 previous attempts this needed various touch ups because of paint creep. This time, it was perfect - bloody impressed with*myself *The 'light grey' turned out to be dark grey because I chose the wrong pot of paint from my shelf... oops, however I think it still looks pretty good.

At the same time, the leg pods have now been painted, ready for the decals and weathering next. This time I was a bit more careful about the masking and had much less paint creep. I think I'll always associate these leg pods with the England cricket (esp the bowlers)*team smashing their way through the West Indies batting lineup!

Now that the walkways and the spine are complete, this allows me to join them together and get a measure of their size. It means I can test out the cargo/winch pod and its electrical connections...

When doing this I found another fault in the vertical electrical*connections which meant one of the support struts had*to have some filing done on it to make enough space to fit

It also allowed me to do this test which give me the exact spacing for the support legs. Turns out I had the original spacing wrong as I used by #2 build which has a mistake in that I put the rear walkway lower frame on backwards and so the engine exhausts are in the wrong place on the rear walkway! It meant I had to re-position the support on the right further back

It also meant re-routing the wiring from the junction block I had originally installed which by sheer chance was exactly where the new leg positions were located!

The support legs have now been araldited into the holes I drilled in the base and the lower polystyrene base and the box surrounding it have now been glued to the base with white PVA glue. Once that has dried I'll apply masking tape around the outer wood surround to protect it from the later stages where the lunar surface will be created.

Decals added and some stupid accident corrected - while cleaning a brush I let some of the paint thinners drop on to*the black area on this side which lifted the paint and then I made it worse by wiping it with a tissue! I was fuming as it looked like I'd gone and ruined the perfect finish I'd achieved before. So I ended up remasking around the anti-glare panel and respraying the black. I then had to use the Diamond White paint I'd decanted previously to touch up the white paint along the front. Then to add insult to injury, the masking tape ripped off half of the Alpha decal! Thankfully there are spares, so in the end the damage done was repairable!

The*Nuclear waste canisters*have been painted with a very light grey over the off white plastic, some of which has pooled and caused some irregularities which is good as it adds to the 'used' effect.

The silo base has been painted - in the show I think these were a white colour but I've made them light grey as there is enough white in this with the Eagle itself! I used some 1:48 RAF cockpit decals on the dials of the control panel. All thats left is to take the masking off the LED at the top. I've tested it and it still works

The next task will be to put the decals on the leg pods. This is likely to take a while are there are a LOT to place!
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Old 21-08-2017, 11:41 PM   #42
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Looking very good!!!
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Great job.

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