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Default "From the Earth to the Moon " at HMV

I just dropped on the box set of the HBO TV series "From The Earth To The Moon" for 7 at my local HMV . I saw a couple of episodes on its original broadcast and thought it pretty good , so I'm looking forward to watching it in it's entirety . Whilst on the "moon " subject , got around to watching the recent film "Moon" last night on dvd and thought it excellent . Loads of "Anderson-esque" scenes of big-wheeled vehicles trundling across lunar surfaces . ( And all models !)
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Hey, if one must steal, steal from the best!!!
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From the earth to the moon is a great series. The "Extras" are well worth watching as well. Pity President Obama hasn't watched it or he might not have cancelled the next moon programme.
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I cannot stress this point enough: watch this series!

Superb. Each episode has a totally different tone as they were done by multiple directors and composers. But once you see the first episode, it will be marathon time for you my friends. I think I had a tear in the corner of my eye fro most of it.

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