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Default Space 1999 - Star Flash Computer

So I was reading an article from the San Francisco Chronicle about "When arcades ruled the Bay Area" and my jaw dropped when I saw the third pic. Oh I had this Moonbase Alpha set... even had Russell and Bergman but alas no Koenig, he was sold out that Xmas. The article mentions the kid playing with the "Star Flash Computer" from the set but for any of us who had this knows it was simply a light bulb with a wrap around computer image. I even had to write to the manufacturer to get a chair that was missing from my set and they promptly sent me a new one. Ahh, to have all those off the shelf now for Ebay... which the author comments as well.

Original aritcle:

Okey, so what is the kid playing with here? I recognize it but don't remember what is was...
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I am lucky enough to have two of those,one used but complete and one new and never opened/unsealed.Also got Koenig,Russel,Bergman,again never opened and one Bergman opened.Not exactly an exact scale replica by any means but just a wonderful toy in the way 60s Thunderbirds toys are.Well I guess its pure 70s futuristic space toy nostalgia Unfortunately I have not got the Mattel Eagle though I would dearly love to obtain one sometime.Great article and pic you found too.

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Steve Gerard
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Eagle12, cool photo, it brings back memories of my own '70s boyhood looking for Space:1999 merchandise in multiple stores.
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Great article, very funny!

Thanks for sharing!
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