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Default Question about AMC membership email

I just signed up and paid via Paypal on Friday. The email stated that due to the change of ownership of the list, that renewals were canceled and that people would have to re-up using the supplied link. As I am a first-timer, I am not renewing. Do I need to resubscribe to AMC membership and pay again? Or was it a generic message sent to everyone?

Please let me know.

Mateo (powysmateo)
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The email went out to all AMC members as it will effect everyone on the anniversary of their last payment if that payment was pre-handover period (End Feb / Early March).

Your subscription should be fine (you can check this via paypal)
1) log in to Paypal
2) select the 'Profile' option under the 'My account' tab
3) click the 'Recurring payments' link

and see if it is listed as an active payment, if not you will need to follow the instructions in the email when you are due to renew.

Apologies if the email doesn't apply to some members, I would rather a few people get the email but are fine, than risk missing some people who then wonder why their subscription hasn't renewed due to the fluid handover period dates.

Hope this helps

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