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Default About the Eagle cockpit seats

I realized that the Eagle cockpit seats were used in the series at least in two more locations: In the Infirmary and in the Ultra Probe command module pilot seat.

As you can see, the infirmary one is beige, although I'm quite sure black ones were used too. If you pay attention to the Ultra Probe yellow seat, it's pretty noticeable the very bad work in covering the seat with the yellow cover.

I bet that seat probably was a commercially available one, possibly a plane seat or maybe a domestic chaise-longue.

Any clues about it? Any design historian out there?
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I believe that they were actually dentists chairs. On some shots, you can even see the controls. I'll try to post pics (or links) if I can find them.

The other probe ship CM chairs looked to me like airline chairs covered in the same yellow cloth, but upon closer examination, they appear to be high-backed swivel office chairs...
The yellow covering makes it difficult at best to pinpoint the exact model.

As for the chrome-framed black swivel chairs in the probe ship main module ( ), I'd seen an illustration techniques textbook that featured them in a rendering of a 'vice president's office'. (pgs 100-101, Drawing in Color by Albert Lorenz & Stanley Salzman, 1991.) I recently found out that the style of chair was created in 1958 by the Eames Aluminum Group, and is called 'Chair' or more specifically, 'Eames Aluminum Group Chair.' Just FYI.

edited to add links

OK, I knew I could find them! "Earthbound" features a good side view of the beige medical version of the 'Eagle cockpit chair', as evidenced in these screen shots:
Note the four dark coloured control buttons on the side.

"Guardian of Piri" also had a similar chair (although it's black and has a modified headrest), both in Medical for Kano's link-up experiment, and in Koenig's Eagle (where he applies electro-shock therapy to Russell):
This one also has extra attachment points above the row of four buttons... sockets for plumbing ("OK, rinse!") or electrical (sound of dentist's drill grinding out a filling) or a vacuum/suction hose perhaps?
"Space Brain" has the same chair (without the link-up headgear):
But the real interesting bit is that the Eagle cockpit chair also has them; this shot from "War Games" shows it rather well:

I believe the "Earthbound" med chair is not a different model of chair that simply doesn't have those extra sockets, but rather that it has a beige covering that hides them. If you look carefully at the second pic I linked to, the beige fabric looks slightly stretched over the larger socket. It shows up a little better in this shot from "Force of Life":

I hope this helps a little bit.
CR, part-time chair nut.

edited to add: Another view of the "Guardian of Piri" chair, this time with a headrest:

Not only might they (art dept./set designers) have saved a bit of money, but it ties in with the whole modular feel of the 1999 universe; such redundancy would likely be the norm in a real Moonbase Alpha.
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