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Mauro Malito
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Default TOS Battlestar Galactica model

Hi Folks

My name is Mauro and I am a modeler from Brazil. Well, actually is very difficult to be a modeler here because there is no model kits and supplies in the market.
Well, I have the old Revell/Monogram Galactica model kit and I intend to improve and correct it. I have already purchased an accurization kit to improve the model but it will not be enough. I will need to put many small pieces from model kits to detail it. So I am asking your help to tell me where each piece/detail came from (map list). I Know that I will not be able to find the model kits in the correct scale but I will try to find a similar one.
Thank you a lot for any help

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Richard Baker
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The best thing to do is look at the show footage and try to find a similar shape. Even with a complete list of parts used, a six foot filming model will not have any parts remotely in scale with what you could find for the model kit. The model kit also has major proportion issues.
There is a fairly complete cast resin enhancement set for this model which will bring it a lot closer to what you what and would cost less than the number of donor kits you would need to but to add the detail-
It is listed as temporarily out of production, but send them an email - it could be rerelased soon. Alos looking of one on the Starship Modeler amd Hobbytalk Market places and posting inthe sites might help you find one.
There is an excellent full Resin kit of the TOS Galactica in the same scale and with full detail, eBay might have one.

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Probably the best part id info is over at Resin Illuminati -map and part id's for almost the whole big G plus several guys like Mike(Last Battlestar) who've built their own 6' versions(lucky sod's!!!) with all the associated parts recognition.
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