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Alex Dumas
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Default Modeling of Thunderbirds Super Mechanics (Japanese book)

Hey everyone! I just got this book from HLJ and it's simply amazing. Lots and lots of replica pictures and even some how to modifications. Mostly modified build-ups from kits we all know. All text in Japanese but that doesn't change anything...

Unfortunately it is out of stock at HLJ but surely you can still find it elsewhere or ask HLJ if they expect restock. Highly recommended:

Here's a few sample pages. I had a hard time choosing

SCAN0040 by adumas02, on Flickr

SCAN0041 by adumas02, on Flickr

SCAN0042 by adumas02, on Flickr

SCAN0046 by adumas02, on Flickr
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Crimson Binome
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I've had a few of the Japanese TB modelling books and this one looks spectacular
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