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Default so the jbot decals are all that's available for the airfix/amt eagle?

I hear the jbot decals are pretty good? anyone use them? I will need some for my Eagle and see they are all that are available.
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Big Rab
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Yes Chris,
JBOT's decals are very good.

There is a section on his web site regarding how to prepare and use them correctly. He was very ill for a while (still recovering), so email him first just to check all is well and you will not be disappointed by his work.
And so say we all.
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Old 30-10-2012, 11:28 AM   #3
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Yesterday I received a batch I ordered back in July I think. Jim sent me an email a couple of days before they arrived saying that he'd posted them and could I let him know when they arrived. I did that and he replied today apologising for the wait and that his full production should be back up to speed in January 2013.
Have to say though, I wouldn't have minded waiting a year for them, they're absolutley beautiful.
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