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Default Greetings from GigaCake.

I'm an American Thunderbirds and Supermarionation fan, as well as a fan of Gerry Anderson's works in general (though some more than others).

I go by GigaCake (or GigaCake-MmmKay) most elsewhere on the internet; if you want, you can call me "Giselle" (psuedonym), "Giga" or "Gig".

I draw sometimes, and make video game art the rest of the times. I'm interested in the game-modding community and I wonder why nobody has made a game mod featuring Gerry Anderson shows; having full control over the content means no stinkers like the Playstation Thunderbirds game.

I hope I'm not too strange for anybody...
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Ham Salad
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Do you love eagles? you gotta love eagles.

mmmmmm. Sweet, sweet eagles.
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