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Default Moebius MkII Viper Decal Help Needed !

I've finally got around to working on my MkII Viper after having it in on the "back burner" for a couple of years . My problem is with the decals . I'd read that the (larger) markings were notoriously difficult to work with and so I decided to paint the red striped markings rather than use the decals . My problem came when I came to apply the yellow/orange emblems as when I did so , they are so transparent that they became invisible against the red of the stripes ! No problem , thought I , I can just use the emblems from the decals with the stripes , but the law of sod being what it is , I seem to have lost those parts of the decal sheet ! As my model is the original Moebius release , I assume that contacting the company would be of little use as they no longer produce the kit and I've had little success in receiving spare parts from Revell in the past . I know there are after market decals available , but I'm reluctant to pay out for just the 4 I need . So , basically , does anyone have any spare decals ?
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