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Default A new futur for space 1999 is at

A new futur for space 1999 serie is Space Opera Society
You are science-fiction fans like me.

Do You want to see one day the new serie Moonbase Alpha Legacy with the incredible FX by Wes Sargent (StarGate) CGI Moonbase Alpha and the CGI Eagle (WOW) What a Job!

Go now on the Web site Just take a look!

Thanks for reading, Have a good day,

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From a design POV:

The power level display on the side of the new design stun gun would be very difficult / impossible to see when aimed. The original stun / kill flip switch on the original made more sense and was far easier to see when held. Bright leds on weapons are a no-no, and a give away in low light conditions - yes, they look good, but provide an enemy with a target. It does look a little too gun like, for want of a better phrase - the vents where the slide would be position on an auto.
Bring back the loop on the bottom of the grip and certainly the thumb trigger!
The traditional finger trigger position could be used as the power selector.
Please don't use the I.D. fingerprint idea for these weapons. It's a silly idea - okay, it prevents an enemy from using the weapon, but does exactly the same for an Alphan comrade if their I.D.'s not logged to the device.
As a plot point, it simply leads to hand to hand combat.

The angle of the screen on the new design comlock seems to be opposite of what it should be.
Holding the device, your wrist would have to be turned downwards (or inwards, towards your body) to view the screen - not at all ergonomic. If the screen was positioned at the opposite angle the device would be far more comfortable to hold and the screen easier to see.

The keypad layout is also strange.
Surely when held in the right hand it would be more practical for the keypad to be positioned on the left hand side of the device?
This would allow the keys to be depressed by the thumb far more easily.
Perhaps the design is such so it should be carried and operated by the left hand?
If so, the raised area beside the keypad would make operating the keys by the thumb very difficult.

I think I prefer the traditional square arrangement of the numerical keypad - although transposed in order from usual numerical key layouts (cash tills, computers) I would have thought the Alphans would have retained this square layout, as that's what they're used to.
Saying that, I can appreciate the designer's desire to change / streamline the design.
Oh, and that's one hell of a large camera lens on there!

Both devices feature very sharp edges, and look quite 'Trek' in places. I hope some of those edges are radiused a little on the final versions.

Are there any plans to 'improve' upon the Alpha buildings / or the Eagle?
It seems strange to redesign the hardware and (certainly) the costumes, but not these two elements.
Okay, it could be argued these two attributes are key elements and should remain untouched, but from a logical viewpoint if the Alphans redesigned their hardware (improved upon functionality / usability) then surely this ethic would be carried across the majority of their hardware?

Presuming the population has grown, then Alpha would have expanded?
Don't get me wrong - the CG Alpha's a superb achievement on every level (pardon the pun) but I'd like to see something a little different (apart from the few projections seen above the buildings) and perhaps a level of weathering to establish the passage of time?
I know, it's still early days.

Here's a direct link to the image slideshow:!legacy/c8z9

Last edited by Howard; 01-11-2013 at 11:46 AM. Reason: Additional thoughts, having thought some more.
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Ham Salad
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I was thinking the same thing looking at the prop designs: all those sharp looking edges would be hard to hold!

It's interesting they have all those well known names associated with this...on the other hand, I have to wonder if they actually have the rights to do 1999. Buying the rights alone would be really, really expensive. I kinda wonder whether they really think they can get millions using the kickstarter model....

It's too bad George Lucas doesn't want to do this: I hear he has about 4 billion burning a hole in his pocket!

Also, since it looks like they intend to do the effects CG...what would M. Bower be doing again? Would he be designing the ships on paper to be CG built?

Getting back to the prop designs again, the look of them in general doesn't remind me of reminds me of anime! The props look like they are from an anime made in the '80s, specifically.

Since they don't actually mention what the premise of the show would be, one must surmise what they have in mind by the drawings and video...which appear to imply that the moon has assumed a permanent orbit around a habitable planet which the alphans have colonized.

Fine and dandy, but this would toss the premise behind the original show out the window: the whole point of Space is that the moon is essentially a huge space ship, taking our characters to new adventures regularly as it passes through the dense part of the galaxy at some substantial fraction of the speed of light.

If this is not so anymore, then exactly what would be the premise for the need for the alphans to go sticking their nose out into space again? Unless many decades had gone by, they would have enough on their plate just surviving on a new planet and building a healthy population....

If you toss out the basic premise, then you are essentially tossing out the show: aside from the name and the fact eagles are in it, what exactly would this have to do with space: 1999?
It reminds me of the STAR TREK remake, which threw out so much of the original concept that it might just as well be called something else.

I'm not saying that there's no way to make this work, I just wonder HOW it would work. Seems to me that the concept suffers from painting itself into a corner....

If I were doing this, I'd go back to the original ideas: that SPACE 1999 was originally supposed to be a sequel to UFO. Gee, I wonder what would happen if the aliens from UFO ran across the moon traveling through their galactic neighborhood? What if the UFO aliens had been raiding other races besides the humans? Lots of interesting possibilities there, and that's all totally canon within the original ideas that Gerry Anderson created. No need to put your own concept into Gerry's mouth, let him speak for himself.

Last edited by Ham Salad; 02-11-2013 at 12:18 AM.
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Agreed, Ham. It seems as though a huge amount of money would be needed to do the show justice, and raising the cash this way could be problematic...

So, as I understand it, there's two different companies looking to produce a remake/reimagining?
The question is, who has the rights?

I'm not a huge fan of CG - yes, I realise it's cheaper than in camera effects. But it's still doesn't look right to my eyes.

I'd like to know at least a little about the story treatment - or writer's guide, too.
And yes, your last paragraph makes very good points!
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Bug 2000
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Reconstructing Moonbase Alpha - the science fiction legend lives again in the digital realm!

Does anyone know if Wes Sargent had any input from "Moonbase Alpha studio model CAD version", or did he really only used cross reference photo matching?

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Ham Salad
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Very nice. So, apparently they intend to do the interior of alpha with CG too?

It makes me kinda wonder what in this show would NOT be cg?
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I've studied product design to degree level and worked on several real-world projects in the past. Looking at the stun gun and particularly the commlock, design cues should come from current hand-held devices since:

1/ A great many real-world examples exist for reference and have been through very rigorous ergonomic testing.

2/ These devices need to be anchored to a certain extent in modern life so that the audience can quickly recognise or at least assume their function.

Perhaps the sharp edges are a rendering style choice, but I would agree that they currently look too angular for a real-world (even if it is in the future) human interfacing apparatus.

I appreciate the need for them to look special and separate from, say, a modern weapon, PDA or smartphone but I'd urge the designers to go to 1:1 scale clay/wood mockups as soon as possible to get a feel for how to hold/use them.

On a more positive note I must add that I'm seriously impressed with the level of commitment being shown by the SOS crew.

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Default Premises, premises.....

Ham, I have to agree - one of the main reasons that Space 1999 worked (for me, at least) was that Alpha was completely cut off from mankind. They had to work things out for themselves, and there was a real sense (in Season One) of grandeur, of isolation, of being completely adrift.

Without those factors, there'd be no point in calling a revival "Space 2099". To establish the main characters, you'd want to have a two or three part introduction, building up to some horrendous catastrophe at the last episode's end. Mankind attempting to harness wormhole technology, or something like that, requiring large construction projects on the Moon (experiments being too dangerous to carry out Earthside). Plenty of Eagle flights, scientist trying to stop or control what's become a runaway force, plenty of human jeopardy.....

Then Breakaway - the wormhole technology punches through to another part of the Universe, but takes the Moon with it. Cue unstable wormhole openings, over which Moonbase Alpha has very little control (the technology seeks out weaknesses in the fabric of space, and catapults the Moon through again). So our heroes risk being flung into a sun every week, unless they decide to dismantle the device and just drift aimlessly, or else try and harness the device so they can "steer" it. Cue friction, dramatic tension and (possibly) a revolt at some point between the rival factions.

The original premise of Space 1999 was that eventually they'd find a new home - that's where the series should end - not with a weekly series about folks setting up home. Just my opinion....

Kindest regards

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