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Default Do you want a future of space 1999? Read this!

A new futur for space 1999 serie is Space Opera Society
You are science-fiction fans like me.

You love Space 1999 like me. Do you remember the feeling when you had seen the first time Space 1999. Do you remember the deception when the serie was cut with no future. Remember the deception of that moment.

Do You want to see one day the new serie Moonbase Alpha Legacy with the incredible FX by Wes Sargent (StarGate) CGI Moonbase Alpha and the CGI Eagle (WOW),

Go now on the Web site

They need us! All of us for creating this new serie. We can create together a very a BIG BIG fans chaine reaction for support it!

Imagine, together, for are fan passion,

Thanks for reading, Have a good day,

Dominique (tracy1999)
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If you want to raise a few funds about offering a digital download paid service for some of those beautiful Alpha cgi shots?
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Three threads, same info...
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Probably just a well-meaning supporter who isn't very schooled in social media promotion.

Hint : If you want to promote something, don't just spam the fans. Forums are two-way systems : Post something, make yourself known, help people. Otherwise you're just another failed Turing test.
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Default Thank you for your reply, I apreciate your recommendations.

Hello SteveDix, Howard and Alpha149

Thank you for your reply, I apreciate your recommendations.

First I must say that I often visit the forum for over a year. I love the trade and advice many of you will give . I love this forum very much and I love the brotherhood that exists .

Unfortunately, I have not had the chance to speak before today and more evenly . Like you, I am a big fan and I love talking about science-fiction. I draw spaceships with a lot of details and I love the building too.

I 'm a fan of Gerry Anderson series , Star Trek and more. My dream is to build with you and all your advice 44 inches Eagles transporter found in Space 1999 and several other models such as the refit Enterprise from only the first film (Great Aztek and colors details).

I'm not a salesman who goes to the forum to leave immediately after. I respect the fans on this forum!

Before announcing Space Opera Society on the forum, I checked before if another fan forum had done before me.

I found that no one had seen the news and nobody in this forum has talked about .

I just thought you 'd like me to share the news about Space Opera Society.

Space Opera Society , respect the fans of science fiction and what they want.

Are we on a forum where there are fans of Space 1999 and others of science-fiction?

And it is with great respect for all the fans of this forum I have decided to announce (Inform not spam) and share with you this news.

I'm really sorry if I did not expected to be known on the forum! But I thought that many fans of Space 1999 there was this forum , fans react very positively to this news by making a chain of solidarity between us for Project Space Opera Society.

Space Opera Society has beautiful projects only for the fans and is surrounded by professionals who work in the world of science-fiction.

Space Opera Society is listening the fans and they need us to produce Moonbase Alpha Legacy and also produce other series.

This is a great project for the fans endorsed by actors like Nick Tate ( Space 1999 ) Armin Shimermin (Deep Space Nine ) scripters Christopher Penfold ( Space 1999 ) Steve Warnek (Deep Space Nine ) and designers like Martin Bower (Space 1999 Alien ) 3D artists Wes Sargent (Star Gate) Eric Chu ( Battlestar Galactica 2005) and many others.

If you believe in this project , I ask you if you are trying to communicate with other members of the forum in a gesture of solidarity for the series of science fiction. You are more experienced than me, and the effect will be better.

Thank you for your help and I am with you to stay because I love this forum.


Sorry for the English translation is the best I could do.

Thank you for taking the time to read . We keep in touch,

In solidarity,

Dominique St-Pierre ( Tracy1999 coming soon )

Quebec, Canada
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