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Default What happened to the 4 foot Scorpio model.

Some of you probably remember I spoke to Ron Thornton a while ago as part of putting the B5Scrolls website together. Also set up a facebook page for it. Earlier today I posted up a pic showing Ron with the 4 foot model of the Scorpio, and someone asked what happened to the original miniatures.

Obvious question, so I asked Ron and he got back with a surprising answer. I don’t know if this has been mentioned before (If it has and it’s old news, sorry), but I remember reading the question being asked on here about the fate of the original model at one point.

Seems that in the final episode of the show you can see the 4' miniature teetering while sitting in the model landscape. It actually fell off the table and “It was made out of styrene sheet and shattered on impact with the studio floor.”

He doesn’t know what the fate of the 6 inch and one foot models were, but it seems the largest highly detailed one was binned……
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