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Blue Moon
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I'm not a huge DR WHO fan, but saw the repeat of the current season finale the other day. There was a very nice nod to the worlds of GA, when the Doctor mentioned they were going to 'Cloudbase' One of the other characters said " No that was in Thunderbirds!" later, another character said "Actually that was Captain Scarlet!" The Doctor then added "Ah yes Sylvia Anderson, now that WAS a Foxtrot to remember!" or something like that.
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Ah yes, mention in dispatches!

(Love to get the exact wording of that very last, if anybody's got it... )

The GA and DW universes have crossed paths before, as I'm given to understand; and this would certainly look to be carrying on that tradition!
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Captain Sci-Fi
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I smiled then I laughed then we had some excited chat, it left a warm glow.
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Default A nice touch....

Credit to Mr Moffat for slipping in three Anderson references - a nice touch, I thought. Even in the face of extreme adversity, Sanjeev Bhaskar's character still took time out to correct Osgood's mistake. I know there are many critics of the Moffat-era Doctor Who, but I've enjoyed Peter Capaldi's characterisation tremendously. There have been some great stories in this season.

Kindest regards

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