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Default Help for History...?

As both a history/research wonk and a long-time Andersonphile (since Supercar), I read this latest dispatch from the Gerry Anderson website with great interest...

We'll all agree, I think, that every Andersonian adventure is truly unique, and ought to have a chance to be out there for the next generation to discover (guys and gals, both!), wherever in the world they may be...

That said, like the old-time silent films (of which I'm also a great fan), these series deserve well-informed preservation and good-old-down-home looking after. But some still await to be found - if they're still out there, somewhere, for the finding...

I've learned, from my own experience, that history can pop up in the most unexpected of places - and, usually, when you're looking for something else! You might just know, and perhaps not even realize it. Do read this link, and please let them know if you can help!
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