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As many have before me. Now it is my turn to start a childhood dream of mine "build my own Eagle".

I have spent a lot of time planning my Eagle build. I have spent hours looking and reading how many of you have built yours. I thank all of you! I respect your skills as modelers of the highest order. I believe I have learned much along the way.

Time to put it all to use. First up Landing gear pods. A mixed bag of many designs. I don't have great fabricating skills but I know my way around tools. I didn't want static landing gear...I wanted it to work. So with some brass tubing and a pen spring, this is what I came up with...and it works.
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Default Best foot forward.....

....and that's your first step. You must have been delighted when you put it all together and it worked! I too would like to have a 23" Eagle and, at some point in the future, will embark on a scratchbuild - so I'll be learning from your progress.....

Good luck with this ambitious project and, regardless of how you may perceive your fabricating skills, it all looks great so far. Keep us posted now.

Kindest regards

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Default A Giant Leap Awaits...

(or, At Long Last: Eagle!)

I was struck by how sculpture-like it appears, and singularly graceful too.

Your "journey of a thousand miles" is now underway!
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