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Default Memories Were Made Of This...

Having been an Andersonphile for about as long as it's possible to be one, on this side of the water , I'm delighted to dedicate my 1,000th ETF post to some very old friends indeed. They're where all of this started!

Wonderful article, and some great photos, from the Anderson website; were any of you at the right place/right time to have seen the originals of these? Lucky you! *sigh*

Enjoy, and remember...
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Default Congratulations Boatie!!!!

A thousand posts - where does the time go??

Had a look at the photographs - from a distant past, indeed. Closest I ever got to the hallowed Slough units was when I worked in Edinburgh Road in the Slough Industrial Estate on secondment for six weeks in 1999. People at the factory where I was based told of a time when relatives or friends worked over the fence from where the iconic programmes were being made - tales of loud bangs, the smell of fireworks and burning, and so on.

Coincidentally, Slough was where I met my beloved Melanie, with whom I have spent the last fifteen wonderful years, so the old town (for all its many detractors) will always hold a special place in my heart.

Thanks for highlighting the link, Boatie - here's to the next thousand!

Kindest regards

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Amazing photos, if only we had a time machine to go back and well......
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slough, stingray, supercar

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