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Captain Hanson
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Default Original Space: 2099 Clips

All, I remember a few years back when Space: 2099 was still in its primary stages (around about 2010-2011 time), and there were tons of clips, trailers and condensed episodes uploaded to both the website and to YouTube.

Are these clips still available anywhere? I can't seem to find them at all. One in particular I'm looking for is the condensed version of "Sidon's Revenge" (a rebadged War Games, acting as a bridge between 2 seasons, explaining the deaths of a lot of the main cast).

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I've had a look but all I can find is the lengthened version of Sidons Revenge. It's a shame nothing's come of this Space 2099 revamp as it breathes new life into an old show and makes it more believable.
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I helped with some small CG inserts and effects updates on this.

Somewhere I have promo DVD discs that Eric (Bernard) sent me at around that time. I don't know if that specific "Sidon's Revenge" sequence is in there though.

I imagine there's a good reason that they've been pulled from public view - maybe a licensing issue?

I don't know what Eric's up to these days.

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