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Default Tracy Island Japanese Papercraft Book

A few days ago i got my copy of a new japanese papercraft book featuring Tracy Island and Thhunderbird 1 to 5:

The first half of the book tells and shows many informations about the series:

The second half contains the instructions and all e parts to build Tracy Island and the vessels. The footprint of the model will be approx. 50 x 40 cm, with a lot of moving parts to reveal the hidden hangars and the ships:

I hope that Google Translator will work good enough to help me to understand the instructions, which are completely in japanese...
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Default Everybody In The Pool!

Shades of Town Mook - that's quite a find! Let us know how it all comes together...
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I bought the 2 Japanese books 'It's Thunderbirds Century' ages ago, they were quite similar, but with many excellent behind the scenes photos (most of which I've posted on here in the past).

Some of the models in there, build by various Japanese modellers, were excellent.
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