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Default MPC 22" Eagle + AB 22" Eagle = ?

I have received two of the MPC 22" Eagles and they are fantastic kits. I have the two official metal upgrade sets on order from Culttvman that will go towards making one an "ultimate" Eagle build but I also have an original AB Models 22" kit complete with its metal engine bell set.

The AB Eagle is frankly a very rough production with the spine being almost solid 1/8" thick metal flash and moulded in their almost solder-like white metal. Honestly, the likelihood of finishing it eventually receded even more once I got the MPC kits so I was wondering whether the aluminium parts from the AB kit are accurate enough to use as an upgrade to the newer kit? They will need adaptation to fit the MPC kit, but probably no more than it would take to actually build the AB kit to any real standard.
There is differences in the profiles of the AB metal versus MPC plastic bells, both the main engine and the VTOL bells, but close enough that it would actually make a nice point of difference between two otherwise almost identical Eagles

Or am I committing an act of heresy in pirating a "collectible" kit to do this.

The upside is the MPC kit will look fantastic with the plastic engine bells painted well.

As an aside, I have one of Jim Smalls 22/23" spine booster kits that would look good on an MPC 22" Eagle, does anyone think there would be any issues using it on the newer kit? Unfortunately my unbuilt Small Art Works 22/23" Lab pod kit has been fatally damaged by heat from storage. It would be great if they were available again but as Jim was a consultant on the MPC/ Round 2 project there may be behind the scenes considerations that will prevent that.

Would LOVE MPC/ Round 2 to release separate injection moulded Lab Pod or indeed just Pod kits, they would be great to display with the models and I would buy a few.


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