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Default Refurbished Dinky Eagle

Hi all, new member here.

When I was a kid I had a Dinky Eagle and was thrilled with it, except for the strange green colouring. I was also adept at making models, so I liberally brushed it all over with Airfix white enamel in an attempt to emulate the ones on the telly.


Fast forward thirty odd years, and I decided to buy up scrapped Eagles from ebay and see if I could gather enough useable parts to attempt a recreation of what I did all those years ago. Several purchases later, I had enough bits:

Then it was case of stripping the paint off the metal bits:

Then a nice coat of Appliance White:

The engine pods were given a coat of chrome:

And the main framework was reassembled:

Then a bit of masking and airbrush work around the cockpit:

And once the passenger pod was reassembled, complete with working doors:

It was time to put it all together. It's not a true refurb as it's the wrong colours, it's not a screen realistic refurb as it's the wrong colours...but it's how I wanted MY Eagle to look all those years ago, and I'm happy with it:

As a modelmaker, I've also got the original Airfix Eagle in the stash, and I've preordered the 22" Eagle from Forbidden Planet. Just waiting for them to come into stock, now...

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Steve Gerard
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Excellent job. The Dinky Toys Eagle looks better than it ever did green.
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Beautiful photos - great detail!
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