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Default Wireless Recharging

I have seen several wonderful builds on here of both the smaller and now of the larger eagle models. Some of the newer models are now sporting lighting inside the cockpit and landing legs. I'm guessing they are also thinking of inside the passenger module as well.
An idea I've been toying with and have proven is 'wireless charging' much like they put in newer cell phones. The system requires a TX (Transmitter) and RX (Receiver) to work and they both need to be in close proximity to work correctly.
I have found many places with the necessary parts to buy. If you go to you can find the TX for $26 and the RX for $12. You can also find kits on having both for around $15 for the set, but these are coming from China.
They are available in 5V and/or 12V systems. Hope someone finds this interesting and tries it.
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I just purchased a set of receivers & transmitters for me & Hoofies cell phones for about $10US total, depending on how well they work & the proximity I have a spare phone battery that might lend itself for such a purpose.
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