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Default Jerry Doyle

As a latecomer to the epic saga which was Babylon 5, one of the show's great appeals was the calibre of the cast - none more so than the mighty Jerry Doyle. Loyal, resourceful yet flawed as so many heroes are, the character of Michael Garibaldi was enriched by the skills of the actor portraying him.

60 is far too young - Jerry, we shall miss you. Thank you for being part of a truly classic story. Rest in peace.

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Default Sun's Just Coming Up...

Just hearing of this, was going to inquire for possible confirmation as some fans harbored concern report might've been some form of hoax (amongst the unwished-for burdens of fame, alas)...

But, seeing my good friend Pat posting it here, must sadly accept that it is true. (I owe you an e-mail, too! ) Much too young, indeed...
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babylon 5, michael garibaldi

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