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Default Repro Parts or Stand-ins for Mattel Eagle Transporter

Hi, I am in search of some repro parts for the mattel eagle, I plan to do a custom job and repaint, but need to fill in some missing parts first. Does anyone have a source for affordable parts kits, or hardware that makes a good stand-in? I am short one large landing gear, a chair, a side hatch door, the cones on the rear thrusters and a side thruster. Was considering making my own side door out of mylar, and figured for the cones there might be some cheap piece of hardware I could get at a hardware store. I know the chair and landing gear are very specific looking and will likely need to get original or repro parts (i could live with just one chair, but would like to complete the landing gear)

thanks for your time, very excited to make a custom Mattel Eagle.
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Old 21-12-2016, 01:11 AM   #2
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Please check Taylor's Emporium on this site or EBAY. Other than that I don't believe there is another source considering the toy has been out of production for decades. Recently I have seen several parts on EBAY.

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Slate Mcleod
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Not sure if you need the stun guns but you can order replacements from Shapeways.
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I make a few replica parts for the Mattel Eagle. Here:
Ebay has pretty much become a 'chop shop' for this toy. Apparently it is more profitable to sell the Eagle toy one-part-at-a-time than the vehicle as a complete item.
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Old 23-12-2016, 01:32 PM   #5
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For the main engine bells, why not have a browse through cheap Poundland type shops for plastic wine glasses? You may find some the right size...
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for the main engine bells. home depot and lowes have a cheep plastic white shower head for like 4.99 each.they are very much the same scale and look. you will need to glue on a plastic prong if u don't want to glue them directly to the orange pod.also krylon spraypaint has a color (nickel shimmer) that is a good match to the silver grey accessories.. why not get 6 and make a custom top thruster pack whith the additional 2
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