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dusty abell
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Default SCI-FI & Superheroes of the 70's movie poster sized print available if interested!

Hi guys, I produced this artwork a number of years ago, but I recently went back and redrew A LOT of it, particularly the faces of almost all the characters, I also added 3 more 70's era space craft and 1978's TV Movie Dr. Strange. It also has ALL NEW color on it that I think makes it look hella better than before and a character key identifying everyone and everything in the piece!.........

I have prints available for anyone that might be interested at my website here-

I realized a couple folks had expressed some interest a few years back about acquiring a print to hang up on the wall, well, now I have 27"x40" full size movie poster prints available, along with the officially licensed Classic Star Trek The Original Series print I produced for CBS' 50 Anniversary celebration last summer. Hope you guys enjoy!

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Steve Gerard
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Awesome artwork. In the past, I also saw your Saturday morning series one.
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battlestar galactica, dr. who, space 1999, star trek, u.f.o.

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