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Richard Baker
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Default New Captain Scarlet on Amazon Prime

Finally getting a chance to see this series fully instead of snippets here and there.

First impressions-
I do like some of the reimagined designs- Cloudbase looks good and so do the Angel fighters. I do not care much for the new Salon and the Rhino is definitely not an SPV.

The characters are OK. I must admit having a relationship between Destiny and Black threw me a bit but it does add something and makes her more than just a pilot.

Two things bother me about the Mysterions. Their new city was spectacular and immense, yet a couple of shots from a small recon vehicle manage to totally destroy it still. I would have liked a more cascading event, like one of the shots triggered another explosion, which then triggered yet another, as in the classic Anderson fashion.
Secondly, I think having an aircraft destroyed by the Mysterions and being replaced by an unmanned duplicate as in the original series was very creepy. The new show has everyone replaced as well, no end to the glowing eyed impostors. It was very effective to just have Captain Black skulking about, as if only he and Scarlet could be physical due to their unique experience on Mars. The whole Angels vs Vipers would have been better IMO with the Vipers being empty and controlled from afar.

All in all, not a bad series though- I loved the original with all the violence and mayhem and look forward to seeing the rest of the season...
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I found the show, certainly from a technical angle, very messy and disjointed.
The pilot showed some excellent shots, particularly of the Angel aircraft, but some of the character work was like a bad 90's video game. Most noticeable of all was the lip sync, which was appalling. Even the originals got better than that.
I know it's 12 years on now, but it was crummy even for it's time. The whole thing feels rushed and lacks attention to detail. That said, at least the pace was fairly good and not going hell for leather like the godawful Thunderbirds reboot. I also thought the voice cast was good.
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