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Default Fixes for the AMT/Ertl Eagle

Hi, all! This is my first post on these forums, but some of you probably know me or at least recognise my handle from the Starship Modeler forums.

I recently purchased an AMT/Ertl Eagle and a bunch of upgrades from Small Art Works, such as metal engine bells, decals, a lab pod, and a spine booster. I plan to do the works to this Eagle and make it the nattiest 12" Ertl kit out there. Apart from the upgrades, of course, many sections of the kit itself need accurising. Having read up on the subject over at Starship Modeler and in a back issue of Fine Scale Modeler, I was hoping some of you chaps here might be able to help me with any other changes, however radical or trivial, that need to be done to the Ertl Eagle to turn it into an accurate replica. Many thanks!

Lauren Oliver
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If you ask Jim Small really really nicely he might just email you his
(No longer in production ) instruction sheet for his ERTL accurizing kit.
Even though I missed out on it myself I found it very usefull
I've still got it on my PC somewhere but I sorta forgot exactly where I
stuck the Durn thing
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For your viewing pleasure:

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Hmmm..... not sure exactly what you got from Mr. Small, but several things I did on mine that you don't always see mentioned:

Outrigger Landing gear pods:

- use thin (thin, thin, thin) sheet plastic to detail the slanted lower sides of the outrigger pods. There should be raised triangular paneling down there, along with some other minor detail you can simulate with strip styrene.

- reverse the position of the small dome on the top, and the raised detail on the outer surface of the pod (above the reaction control thrusters) on two of the pods. If you look at the pics of the SFX models, you will see that those should mirror the position on the other pod on the same side. (it's hard to explain this). Basically, the model has all four pods identical (one mold for all four) but in reality the patterns don't repeat that way.

- change the raised panels around a bit. Fill in grooves between some of them, add new panels, shave off some others. There are at least three Eagle patterns to follow from the SFX models, or hey: make up your own.


- add cabling inside the spine between the fore and the aft sections. Only one of the models had this (from what I can tell) but it answered a key question: When you remove the passenger pod, exactly how does the control systems in the command module talk to the back half of the vehicle?

Command Module:

- build an inset door into the module, and a corresponding inset door in the leading section of the superstructure, and make your command module separatable. Expect to take a long time to figure that one out, and even when you do, there is no getting around the fact that the door in the connecting tunnel of the superstructure couldn't work... it would slide right out the side into the framework. Then repeat to yourself: it's only a TV show. That last part won't work, you'll still be bugged by that problem ... but it's a good phrase to use with non-Eagle fans, lest they think you are crazy.

- if you make the command module separatable, go to town detailing the back end. Make some sort of umbilicle attatchments between it and the superstructure.

- convert an HO scale figure to a space suited astronaut, and scratch build a moon buggy to be next to the Eagle (I did it, and I want others to suffer).
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