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Captain Sci-Fi
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Thumbs up Cap'n on Deck.... 23/7/2010

Hi Guys,

Important news.

Lots to shout out today so please listen:

Fanderson Con in Bristol and the model display
Are you attending Fanderson this year?
Do you own original props or studio quality models?
Can you loan them for the model room?
Our own Chris Potter (w8cmp) has been tasked with organising the model display and is struggling for material, PM w8cmp if you can help. Chris is a great friend to the forum and an all round nice guy so if you can please help out he would be grateful.

Site Image hosting, can I, can't I??

This subject seems to be shrouded in mystery and uncertainty so a little clarification here.

We have a massive bandwidth "enterprise type business hosting" package. I wanted to avoid circumstances where a great thread referring to detailed remarks about images posted within it has a few/some/most/all of the images missing due to Photobucket or another provider going lame for whatever reason. Sometimes you just need to tidy things up and there is no direct link to the just deleted image and it's placement within a board thread resulting in the error message of death.... At best it's disappointing at worse the wealth of knowledge and detail will be lost to us all.

All research will be rolled up and posted in a permanent reference area, pictures and all if people are agreeable. We are writing for posterity and it is my mission to collate all this data for people coming after us otherwise all this detail will be lost.

I was chatting to someone at a meeting recently who reminded me that we are almost at the stage where the living memory of these productions is coming to an end. The mists of time will descend hard if we do nothing, personally I feel too much has been lost already from these remarkable film and TV programmes.

I get a brilliant buzz from discussing all these details, when you guys are in full flow it just amazes me what is discovered, how can I let that pass unmarked? It should be recorded here and shared with everyone IMHO.

Along with the detail itself will be the names of those people who had the passion and made the effort to discover what the effects teams and model makers had created originally, it gains my respect for them and showcases the wonderfully creative and clever talent that was originally in place when these productions were made.

My heroes walked here and I would walk with them

So if you are posting anything that has illustrations, images, screen caps, scans, or photographs, please, please, please add them as attachments hosted directly on the site so I can collate the information into the bigger picture of these events.

If you haven't looked back at some of the threads recently let's remind ourselves of some that will be included:
An SPV Model that's looks excellent and hopefully will be offered to members.
An Airfix/MPC Eagle from another good friend to this board and a talented model maker
A certain Rolls build that blew the quality socks off
One of the finest builds of a 44" Eagle I have ever seen.
One of the best How to articles on such an important subject if you scratch build Eagles.

I could go on, happily we would be here for weeks. The point is imagine if the pictures were lost from these threads, what was left would certainly be lessened or just plain nonsense.

We are building this amazing resource together, sharing our pride and passion and giving it all to history so those that follow can have the same delight and enjoyment and share in our journey too. We need to keep this alive and accessible to history and to celebrate the marvellous achievements within the British Entertainment Industry, shaped out lives and brought all together, I feel this is important work and hope you do too.

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