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Default My most memorable Space:1999 encounter

As a fan of the show, it occurs to me that we all enocunter references to the show in unexpected places, and sometimes fairly creative ways.

I'll call my encounter:

"Santa, bring me the moon"

This occured 30 years ago, when the show was still on the air. My father was manager of a small shopping center (and co-owner). He arranged to have a small shed constructed to contain a mini-Santa's workshop. It wasn't very convincing (and didn't have much workshop inside), but better than having the kids stand outside sub-freezing weather while waiting to see Santa and lay on their demands.

After the holiday was over, and Santa long since departed, my cousins and I were hired to do cleanup on the center, including Santa's shed. As we swept out the interior, I found a crumpled up piece of paper. On it was what appeared to be a child's list for Santa, with handwriting obviously by mom. The list went something like this:

Space:1999 Eagle toy
a pilot named "Jeff"
A bad guy's ship
A "line" to get the bad guy
A moon
The rest of the crew for the ship

This was followed by some requests for Star Trek toys. Embedded in the request for the toys was:
- A moon to replace the one lost in 1999

I thought the list was both hysterical, and also showed a lot of insight for a kid who I would imagine was under 5. I'm not sure who "Jeff" might be, maybe he just thought Jeff was a cool name. Or he wasn't remembering Alan Carter's name correctly.

The "line" reference apparently was the only word the child could think of to call the "laser".

I don't know what he thought he would get for a moon toy (more importantly, just how big it would be), but for him to make the connection that Star Trek didn't take place in the same universe as 1999, and to want to replace the moon for their adventures, was a pretty good piece of deductive reasoning.

I kept the list for a while, but it was lost long ago. The memory of it lives on, and always gives me a chuckle.
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