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Default Highlighting Forum Rules

Unfortunately, from time to time, it becomes necessary to remind members of the forum rules. This is presumably because certain lines have been crossed or close to being crossed in various threads. While all the rules should be adhered to, it's not always obvious where the problem is. So that 'culprits' can recognise more fully that the admin team are talking to them (yes, you mister, sitting at the back staring out of the window), would it be worth highlighting the most relevant rules when a round robin goes out in order to focus people's attention to the most pressing concerns of the staff? It might help members to recognise which issues are of concern and where the boundaries of acceptable behaviour are. In return, it would also leave less wriggle room if the unfortunate need for moderation became necessary. The forum enjoys lively debate on a wide range of topics and the bulk of the membership quite capable of getting involved with some fairly heavy topics, civily and without taking personal shots at other people or finding offence where no offence is intended but similarly, that freedom shouldn't be abused. Not everyone can recognise those boundaries so perhaps it's worth drawing attention to the most pertinent?

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Well, the most prevalant 'offences' at the moment (not in any particular order) are:

• Personal abuse. I use the term losely but this encompasses the posting of anything designed to cause ill-feeling between members. Any personal issues/accusations should be taken to PM or completely off-forum.
• Hosting copies of ETDC Forum content on other servers. Express permission should be sought before doing so.
• Quoting images and large swathes of text. No need and it makes reading a thread very difficult in most cases.

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