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Captain Sci-Fi
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Default Co-Operative parts

Hi Mark et al,

No, I don't think I have made contact before and thanks for the warm welcome.

I have just bought a set of Chris's blueprints and he steered me to the discussion board. What an excellent idea...!

I have researched as much as possible to see how other builders have attempted their replica projects. I have a clear idea how I want my own model to take shape according to my budget and time scale. Hopefully this will be my winter project and I am really excited to get started.

I do have one thought...

There is a builders group based around the R2D2 prop replica. They are a well organised group with one person making this bit and another that bit. They produce in batches and share the costs with fellow builders. I was thinking that maybe we could do the same. I would like to propose a large order of brass tube from Smiths Metals which I can get cut to useable lengths. If anyone is interested I will cost and squeeze the supplier for the best price possible. It might even be within the realms of possibility to have all the tube cut to length and the ends milled (machined) ready to solder up.

What makes this communal approach work so well is a common drawing. They agreed very early on which dimension of which model was to be adopted as "standard" after that it was a question of raising a hand to get a part made (or make it at home). The freedom of design and engineering solutions to problems is a real asset.

It seems we have adpoted the Chris Trice drawings as the bench mark standard, so all that is needed now is someone to raise a hand in the air and say "I am willing to supply ready to assemble kits of parts for the frame assemblies". Jim Small has taken care of the engine bells and JBOT has the decals covered (both of which I will be using on my own model).

So how about it fellows? We can make this work to everyones benefit if we co-operate.

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Thanks, Bernie.

Err... I can design any custom decals - but that's about it!
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Old 21-09-2005, 10:44 AM   #3
Chief Medical Officer
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Jim does some additional Eagle parts too although obviously not brass frame components.
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Looks like there is a severely delayed echo...7 years.

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