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Captain Sci-Fi
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Default Alpha Moonbase buildings

I bought one of the Space 1999 novels (can't remember which one written by E. C. Tubb I think) That had a cracking picture of the Moonbase Alpha roundhouse on the cover.

If anyone has any further reference for this model I would like to see it. I have this mad idea to build a section of Alpha Control to use as a stand area for my model when built. Something along the lines of an X-Wing flying over the Death Star trench type setting.
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Hope I'm not preaching to the choir here or being too obvious, but Catacombs has a ton of pictures of that model in it's many different incarnations. ( NDA-2 montoring station, outlying Radar installation, foreground buildings in Year 2 credits, etc)

A nice shot from "Force of Life"

The only other place I can think of this minute that has pics of the models as reference (behind the scenes action shots of Brian Johnson et. al) was in Sci-Fi & Fantasy Models, issue #39 - the Space:1999 special issue (everyone out there did buy two copies when it came out in Oct 1999, right?)
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