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Default Matching colors/mixing paint

How do you guys go about mixing paint to match an established color (e.g. the white-grey of a PE Eagle)?

Do you mix it, paint it on something, let it dry, and then decide if it matches?

Do you do your mixing and tests in the same room (if possible) where the model will be displayed since lighting has a lot to do with how color are perceived?

Is there any different strategy for mixing acrylics vs enamels?

Any hints, strategies, experiences, or just general comments are welcome.
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Good question. I'm interested to hear about this too.
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Matt colours tend to change hue when they dry or are overcoated. If you're chasing a specific colour, it's probably best to paint with gloss paints and then overcoat with a matt finish.

If I'm getting a chance to see the actual models, I'll prepare a painted colour swatch with careful notes how the colour was arrived at and offer it up to the model.
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