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Default Sweeney Todd

Anyone seen it yet?
Must say, went into it not really expecting much - am a strictly only early Tim Burton fan, never seen the what the big deal is about Depp and musicals leave me cold.

So, happy to say i was knocked out by it.

Victorian London looks fabulous, as does the film, being nearly all black, white and greys.
The songs are pretty good, albiet some of them go on a bit too long.
The sounds amazing (try and see it in DTS)
Burton has reigned in the gothic element and it doesn't suffer for it.
Was kind of wondering how a musical could be an 18, seeing as they're pretty rare these days, and the moral outcomes that usually enusure one wasn't in the stage play, but now can see why it is. We'll call this spoiler free so i won't detail it.
The revelation though is Depp - a brilliant bit of acting, a good singer and a nifty mover to boot.

Downside? Sometimes, when its a straight drama, the music starts up and you go "oh no, don't sing"

Highlight? The Helena B. C. dream sequence.
Brilliance. Worth seeing for just that alone.
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