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Default Painting Starfields

On occasion, one might like to paint a starry background for an Eagle model display. There's a very old trick of using a toothbrush and flicking white paint on to a black background by running your thumbnail through the bristles. However, those of us with a good quality airbrush might like to try what Douglas Trumbull did to create starfields for 2001.

Basically turn the air pressure right down on the regulator until the paint just spits. You can turn the air pressure up again to add nebulous clouds and small gaseous haloes around selected stars. I believe Brian Johnson used the same technique to produce the starfields on Space 1999 except he added a lot more colour. If you use glossy black card and then photograph it on a copy stand strongly lit from the side, you can get some very convincing results. As they say on Blue Peter, "Here's one I made earlier":

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