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Default Escape Into Night

Does anyone else remember a 1972 childrens' adventure serial called Escape Into Night, based on the novel Marianne Dreams by Catherine Storr? It was made into a movie Paperhouse in 1988 which I have not seen. I understand the film is not very faithful to the book but the television series was. I remember the series as a 9 year old and it had a little girl who visits a housebound boy in her dreams and is able to give him presents by drawing them in her sketch book when she is awake. Near the large house is a lighthouse and a group of evil talking, one eyed stones which are moving toward the house. The children have to make a break for it when the lighthouse beam moves across the front of the house, temporarily blinding the stones. I do not think I have ever seen anything on television that was so frightening, taking into account how young I was. IMDB has very little information about the series. The little girl was played by Vikki Chambers and I think it was an ITV production. I really hope it still exists. I know it was a long time ago but I think it was a fine production then and like the fabulous classic Timeslip should have stood the test of time well. I would even settle for a black and white release as with Timeslip. Does anyone know if this series still exists?
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Dr Kane
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I'm afraid I've never heard of it, but gives it a 5-star 'immortality rating':

'Early entry in the 1970s Children's Telly Fantasy Catalogue. Ticked all the soon-to-be-familiar boxes - posh kids; eerie house; weird powers; quasi-religious overtones; iffy effects - but scared many ****less by virtue of not having already been done a million times before. Revolved around a sick girl who drew stuff which then appeared in her dreams.'

Hmm, doesn't that last bit sound rather like the 'Dr Who' episode 'Fear Her'?

Extracts from 'Escape Into Night' can be viewed on YouTube (along with 'Timeslip'):
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Default Many Thanks

Many Thanks for the info Dr. Kane. I have had a look at the segments on UTube. It clearly has not stood the test of time as well as Timeslip but it is still a great effort and I hope Granada can release it on DVD as they did with Timeslip. I would certainly buy it. I will look up the website. it sounds rather good.
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