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Default 24 and Space 1999

This a bit of an oddball one. Quite a few months ago I'd noticed in season 4 of 24 something that would only be familiar to the fans of the Space 1999 and Alpha Moonbase. Now I donít know if I was seeing things or not as it flashed by in seconds and I have been unable to confirm what I thought I'd seen.

It was in episode 11 5.00pm to 6.00pm. Where Jack Bower is chasing the override device. He enters an office complex where a company called IDS (ID Systems I think), was set up.

As Jack was searching for the override I saw a logo for the company on a glass partition as well on some walls, and in the few short moments I saw it, it so looked like an aerial schematic of the Alpha Moonbase.

As I was not watching it on tape I couldnít rewind to check it. I'd love someone who may have a copy of this show to have a look and confirm or deny this? Itís going to drive me nuts.

This small country town I live in doesn't have the disk set to hire so I could check. Maybe some one has it could hire it - even better a screen capture!
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It could also have been Clavius Moonbase from 2001, which is pretty similar (unless of course you caught a glimpse of Eagle pads).

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I vaguely remember this being discussed on another forum some months back. Unfortunately I can't remember what the outcome of the thread was.
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Bit off topic but close. Don't know if this has meen mentioned anywhere else, but in the second series DVD of 24, one of the episode commentaries mentions that the production designer was such a fan of Thunderbirds, that he patterned President Palmer's desk after Jeff Tracy's!...It's an exact copy!
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