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Default EBAY Mattel Eagle question?

I know beauty is in the eye of the beholder but this guy is asking 124.00 for a stripped down Eagle. I wouldnt mind paying 35$ for it, because its missing that much.

2 side doors-----------at least 15$ each----------------- 30.00
3 smoked windows-----10 to 15$ each------------------- 30.00
1 CM hatch------------10 to 15$------------------------ 10.00
1 Engine assy----------25$-35$------------------------- 25.00
4 large engine bells-----10 to 15$ ------------------------40.00
4 side thrusters --------10$ each ------------------------40.00
2 large landing gear-----10$ to 15$ea -------------------30.00
2 seats-----------------10$ea -------------------------20.00
4 small engine bells------10$ea---------------------------20.00
1 crane-----------------10 to 15$ -----------------------10.00

that's 255.00 easy and that's not counting the initial price and shipping.

The prices are the cheapest what Ive been able to locate. There is a seller that has pieces as low as 10 bucks for small items, the larger stuff like the engine assy, Im just low balling but Im sure it would be pricey enough. Im not even going to bother with tacking on the figures and accessories. We will be in over another 100$ easy.

My question is this, should I email the guy and suggest a lower price or just keep quiet and watch this item go up again for no chance of being sold. I do want to get the Eagle and use it as a base for reconstruction but not at such a huge price. So is it better to inquire or just lay in wait?
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Ahem. Tristan. Have you considered whereabouts people who have passion for Eagles, Mattell or otherwise, hang out?

Without an ebay link I'm not sure, but the vendor could well be a member here.

Last boxed Mattell I saw was 9 months ago in Paris for $800/euros.

They are highly sought after.
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Old 10-11-2010, 12:17 AM   #3
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Greetings Alfalfa,

I have considered the whereabouts of people who have passion for Eagles, that's how I came to be here on this forum. My question is more of how should I approach asking or should I even bother. Usually an almost complete Eagle goes for over $100 easily, the first time the Eagle was put up, it was for $150, now a week later its for $25 less. Its an empty shell. Even folks that put up an Eagle that is almost complete usually start out at 0.99$ and go from there. Im interested in using this particular Eagle because it is basically a shell, I just wont pay $125 for it. That's me and that is what I think is right for me. Should the seller be here, there is no offense being sent out. Its only my opinion. I ask only that forum members here give me a possible perspective Im not seeing. Here in the U.S., there is always an Eagle or two on ebay. If you saw a boxed Mattel Eagle for $800/euros, Im sure it was worth it for the buyer.

If the buyer is here, that's great, I dont believe Ive said anything offensive and anyone can purchase this Eagle. IMO its overpriced and it would cost far more to collect the bits and pieces to make her whole again.

If anyone is offended by thread, then by all means my apololgies, but Im only asking for a possible way to approach the seller without offending him or just not approaching this person at all for the possible sale of an Eagle that needs a home.

As far as the list goes, I did that primarily for me, I wanted to see how much it would cost to actually replenish the missing accessories to the Eagle. If anyone thinks my pricing is off, please lmk. Im only basing it on what Ive been able to find and those prices are some of the cheapest Ive found. One web site has replacement parts at 18$ plus per each piece.

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Old 19-11-2010, 12:46 AM   #4
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For those that are interested here in the U.S., the ship is now $99.99. There is no engine assembly or bells to go with it. The top spine is removeable which possibly may mean its broke-I dont know, but this could be a good thing for those that want to paint it or add greeblies to it. For those that care, I think the bigger, child building blocks by MEGA BLOKS will fit the end stem and allow for attachment. One could build their own engine assembly and with the shower bells at $1.97, its affordable for anyone to do it. As for landing gear. Hasbro has the BIG MILLENNIUM FALCON landing gear--7 pieces for 10$ on the website, not perfect and you will have to modify the base footpad, but it looks cool and you get 7 of them for fraction of the cost if you had to buy all 4 landing gear. There are 4 smaller landing pads and 2 large ones. The top hatch and both pod doors are missing, nothing a few sheets of styrene and glue cant fix. If you want a fixer upper, now is your chance. Please dont feel daunted by my critique, I want every Eagle to get to a good home.
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