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Default Plastic past times model shop

Hi Guys

As many of you i.m building models all the time , and am getting near the end of my first 44 Eagle , i was away last week end , and while driving around down in Dorset , and looking at all the shops etc i pasted a model shop , rhat really caught my eye, now it was around 8pm so of course it was shut ,but in the front window, was a Saturn 5 rocket.
Humm i'll pop in there on the way back home, so Saturday morning me and my boy , leaving the other half in the car with my other son
went on a mission to see what goodies were on offer ,of course under orders

not to be too long? you know what i mean

Well i have never seen so many kits , and old ones at that , too many to look at in the time i had , here is the shops number 01202 746964
email plastic there must be some jems in there

Roy and Juith lawson are the owers , they close at 230 each day lack of customers , mostly mail orders, from floor to cealing , the whole down stairs

3 rooms in all full of past model kits , they told me they were think ing of closing after 30 years so guys you might just find that kit you were all after
give them a call

painted the black arear's today on the Eagle leg pods , CM later this week ,

cant say i enjoyed the painting matt black has a habbit no matter how much you mask off an area gets on a clean white bit , never mind it will be dirted down at the end


its such a shame
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Ray and Judy Lawson. They've been in the second hand kit business for years. They're one of my first ports of call when looking for old kits. They used to do the major model shows but it became too expensive and they had a falling out with the organisers of the UK IPMS Nationals so they no longer attend that one. They specialise in old military kits but have a good selection of everything. They also have a big ebay presence and go under the ebay username "polarbears3kitscatcat".
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