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Default Any "9" connection with 1999??

My son showed me this preview and I noticed it was set for release 9/9/09.


Also, Martin Landau is in the movie.

Maybe it's just a coincidence.

Anybody know more?
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The only film I know for release on that date is Dorian Grey.

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I did not know the movie.
But being a Tim Burton production, will certainly be a great movie.
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This film was originally a short created by Shane Acker back in 2005. It won a Gold Medal at the Student Academy Awards in 2005 and was getting rave reviews in all the circles. I was working for a film festival back then and heavily pursued getting this for the Animated Shorts program I was in charge of putting together after I got the preview copy I requested (still have my copy, and no... legally I cannot share.)

It was hard to book as Shane was extremely busy at the time with Tim Burton making a deal to produce a feature version of his short but I finally reached him and was able to show the film. It went on to receive an Oscar at the 2006 Academy Awards for Best Animated Short Film.

Fantastic piece of work, no dialog in the short but that has changed for the feature version which I've been eagerly awaiting since then... especially after I read Martin had signed up along with a really great cast.

"9" on IMDB
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