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Default Balor

Has anyone read the Powys novels featuring the End of Eternity super villain? And can you tell me which books he appears in as I'm sure I've seen a review somewhere with more than one reference to Balor and Progron...
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Resurrection is one stand alone story featuring Balor and the Alphans set after the episode in the series one time frame, while Eternity Unbound contains three stories concerning Balor and incorporates Resurrection, per the Powys Media site...

...all written by William Latham, integrated to tell the full story of Balor from start to finish:

Eternity Unleashed, a new novel
The End Of Eternity, a novella-length adaptation of Johnny Byrne's script
Resurrection, the novel, now revised and integrated with the other two tales

Hope this helps.
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Nasty from beginning to end... to beginning to end.... to beginning to en...
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I've only read Resurrection and I found it very enjoyable....Very much in the vein of Season One of Space.

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