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Recent content by alfalfa

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    Un Grand Day Out

    Hi Everyone. Inspired by the Phil Rea Alien thread picture of the Narcissus and being in Paris I decided to take a trip with girls in tow to 'la Cite des sciences et l'industrie' to see the Science et Fiction exhibition. I was not disappointed. From a modeling point of view they have a...
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    Konami Alien/s

    Hi, I have everything depicted on the Vol 1 and 2 boxes sorted. But I have "accidentally" aquired 2 more. (unboxed). I am lead to believe that they are 1) The dog chest burster from A3 2) The mature dog Alien from A3 Possibly part of the Vol 1 release/re relase. I know I am a bit of a...
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    Xmas is coming; Konami

    I'd quite like to complete my konami collection. UFO Ultimate £80 TB 1 + 2 Ultimate £80 each Alien Vol 2 £60 White Hawk (no chance) Prices must include postage I know you could get more on ebay but you are definately going to get the money from me without the hassel and fees. Stuff does not...
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    Decent GA game???

    Has anyone ever found a good GA game? Just thought I would post here rather than the main forum cos I wanted to exert my powerful AMC status. I got an Amiga thing one time which was woeful (yes I am that old, pre PC).
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    Aoshima Zero-X

    Anyone know what is the difference between the 2 versions? I can just about live without a rock snake if the spectrum roundals are as cool as I hope. (IMHA there is nothing cooler than a spectrum roundal.) Or do you really really have to have both and make that carpet go an extra 6 months
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    Konami C21 collectables

    Does anyone know if there is a definative list of all the GA Konami stuff??? Or a site dedicated to them? I'm fairly sure I'm up to date on S 1999 (2 Eagles, orange and white Hawk), UFO Vol 1 and 2 and 'Ultimate' + SID+ 2X Gay E, 2 Joe 90, 2 Stingray, Supercar, Fireball. Capt Scarlet is just...
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    BBC Sherlock/UFO link

    There is a well recieved new production by the BBC called 'Sherlock'. The star is an actor called Benedict Cumberbatch. Whos real life mum is Wanda Ventham/Colonel Lake. :thumbup:
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    Re: Orbiter Eagle/Alpha

    Re: Orbiter Eagle/Alpha I have noticed that there is a huge interest in the site about developing a computer generated 3D Eagle and Moonbase Alpha buildings. As there is no seperate section for this interest I wonder if this activity is worthy of its own section so that enthusiasts can share...
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    Thunderbirds/Peppa Pig

    According to The Times. Peppa Pigs Grandad is voiced by David Graham who voiced Parker. (Peppa is a wildly popular cartoon pig in a show for pre school children) Truely a career that spans the generations.
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    Urgentish re Edinburgh

    Hi Guys I'm off to a, as it turns out, 'Dry' Presbyterian wedding in the Scottish capital tommorrow. Rather than enjoying the trainspottingesque excesses I had anticipated it turns out that I will wake refreshed and alert on Saturday morning.:( I remember some fine fine Sci Fi/Model shops in...
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    New Photo Catagory

    I see we have a new catagory for photos.8) Two points 1) It needs to have a S1999 episode themed name, best I can do is 'The Testament of Arcadia'. (or 'The Missing Link' he he) 2) If we can now host images, what does this mean? eg Can we now upload images in threads direct from our computers...
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    GA references in The Times

    Readers of the Times and Sunday Times have been treated to a positive glut (2) of GA references in the last two days. 1) In the 'In Gear Section' on Sunday Jeremy Clarkson of Top Gear fame declares 'REST EASY, MYSTERONS - CAPAIN SCARLET IS IN THE DUMP TRUCK' He's reviewing the BMW X1 which he...
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    T Shirts

    I'm sure lots of other people will have seen t shirts advertised in sci-fi and other mags with things like Weland Yutan Corporation (typo) and Summer Isle that discretely show your enthusiasm for a film tv or show without attracting ridicule/(in Newcastle) extreme violence. I would like such a...
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    Can't Access Eagle 12's album

    Comes up as you are not an AMC member etc. Anyone else having same problem?
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    Where are the Dinkys?

    The front page (which I first hit searching for Eagles) is looking a bit bare since the Dinky Eagles/Eagle Models got taken down. Forum looks a bit dead to newcomers. Anyone else noticed this? When I first found the forum it took me a few hits to have the confidence to plunge into the forum.