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Recent content by Alpha149

  1. Alpha149

    Tap, Tap. Anyone There?

    Good Afternoon Gents, I would firstly like to start off that I have been a long time supporter/member of this forum since it's inception. Before that I was a part of the mailing lists. I have always been and will continue to be a huge Space:1999 fan as during it's run it allowed me to escape to...
  2. Alpha149

    FS: PE Deluxe Eagle Gift Set

    SOLD: PE Deluxe Eagle Gift Set All, For Sale is 1 Product Enterprise Eagle Gift Set with the box. Eagle, buggy, and tank have been removed from the box for display but are now tucked back away and are ready for flight. Asking $200 US plus $40 International Shipping. PM or post if interested...
  3. Alpha149

    Who Wants To Buy a 44" Ready to Build?

    Hi All, I have over the last 10 years gathered up all of the parts to build a 44" Eagle. Now some bills have come up and I am coming to the realization that I may have to sell it now. So I am posting to see what someone may be willing to pay to acquire this. Will post pics later but below is a...
  4. Alpha149

    Cap'n on Deck?

    Miss these updates of late. Is everything okay with Bernie? Haven't heard from him in a while. Best wishes if he is ill. Evan
  5. Alpha149

    Evan's 44" Eagle build. The beginning

    Evan's 44" Eagle build. Updated March 5, 2011 I am very excited today. I just received word that my order from the 3d printer is ready to ship. After 5 years of slowly gathering bits and bobs, the culmination of parts is finally coming together for my 44" cutaway Eagle build. Here is a pic to...
  6. Alpha149

    Studio Scale Moonbase Alpha - Let the fun begin!

    All, I have started my build using Bernie's Main Mission blueprints. First thing was a bit of tracing and measuring to get the tower and the tower column off to a local wood shop for fabricating. Next step was to laminate the blueprint itself, as I almost had paper meets Cola tragedy! Once that...
  7. Alpha149

    Sub Sections in Taybor's Emporium not showing anymore

    Logged in today and they were there (was following the Main Mission Blueprint thread). Logged back in later and a few times since and the sub sections are gone. Image Packs, Blueprints, Captain's Store. I used the a forum search and found the thread. Once I backed out of it into the Taybor's...
  8. Alpha149

    Canadian 44" Eagle Builders - Brass question

    Hi Guys, Can anyone recommend a non-K&S Brass supplier here in Canada? I am in the Toronto area if that helps. Most hobby shops (they are becoming an endangered species!) only stock K&S. And from what I am reading...not strong enough. Thanks, Evan
  9. Alpha149

    Help me build my workshop!!

    Help me build my workshop!! pics added. Hi All, Just moved into a new place. It just so happens to come with a 18' x 24' workshop!:roll: The place is a clean slate. New insulation and completely finished inside. Most of my adult life has been spent building models on the kitchen table and...
  10. Alpha149

    EMA tubing question

    Hi Again, Still compiling supplies for my 44 build. Does anyone know of and EMA tubing and hemisphere supplier in the US or Canada? Preferably Canada. Thanks for any help. Evan
  11. Alpha149

    scaling up blueprints

    Hi All, I'm sure it's been asked before but I am unable to locate any thread through the search engine. I have purchased the Chris Trice/Daniel P blueprints and was wondering how much I have to scale these up for my 44" build to lay out for templates. Thanks for any help. Evan
  12. Alpha149

    Looking for Roberto

    Hi All, Does anyone here have any contact info for Roberto Baldassari? I've tried to get a hold of him through his website but no luck yet. I wanted to purchase a set of the Ultimate Eagle Blueprints in .pdf format for a project I am working on but the Paypal link for the purchase is not...
  13. Alpha149

    A question for DX-SFX

    Hi Chris, I was wondering if you ever had the chance to get a quote for the shoulder pod "legs" that you showed here: I am very interested in purchasing a set. Thanks, Evan
  14. Alpha149

    Need hi-res pics of Allpha

    Hi all, Does anyone here have and large or hi-res pictures of Alpha. Such as those seen here: (With Brian holding the Meta Probe.)...
  15. Alpha149

    WANTED - Keith Young Tech Manual Sets

    Hey All, Am looking to purchase a set of all the supliments he did if anyone has some extras. Thanks, Evan