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Recent content by Becco_UK

  1. Becco_UK

    Sci-fi & Fantasy Modeller: Volume Nine Start price is original cover price with modest postage costs (to a UK address only).
  2. Becco_UK

    Imai, SHADO Mobile Model Kit (With Remote Control Parts) Just listed this model kit on eBay. Postage only within the United Kingdom.
  3. Becco_UK

    Product Enterprise, Spectrum Pursuit Vehicle (SPV)

    I have Product Enterprise, SPV for sale over at eBay:
  4. Becco_UK

    USS Nautilus, Lindberg 1/300 Scale Atomic Submarine

    I'm selling this submarine model kit at eBay: It could form a base model for those wishing to build a World Navy Submarine as featured in episode 1 of the 1960's puppet TV series, Stingray.
  5. Becco_UK

    Konami, UFO, SHADO Mobile 1

    I have a Konami SHADO mobile for sale at eBay: At the time of placing the Mobile on eBay the bidding start price was very modest. Any proceeds includes a donation to a UK charity.
  6. Becco_UK

    Konami, Space 1999, Eagle and Hawk.

    I have a Konami Eagle Transporter (rescue livery) for sale at eBay: and also at eBay: a Konami Hawk At the time...
  7. Becco_UK

    Johnny Express Vintage Truck Parts

    I'm selling some JE truck parts. Used on various 'Anderson' studio scale models. I still have a rear axle assembly but one of the wheels is missing the central ribbed section. The metal gears are ok. the motor hasn't been tested. 'Johnny Express Toys' to buy any use...
  8. Becco_UK

    Marx Baby Bulldozer (Working) I have a baby bulldozer over at eBay for sale. Parts used on the Gray & Houseman explosives truck.
  9. Becco_UK

    Vollmer HO Storage Tanks #5520 Storage tanks are the same as those found in the Vollmer #5525 Oil Refinery.
  10. Becco_UK

    Liquid Oxygen Truck (Captain Scarlet)

    Here's a Liquid Oxygen Truck project that got put to one side due to personal issues. It's the maintainence truck that featured in the 'Avalanche' episode of Captain Scarlet. Planned in the same way as my U59 truck - made in 3d to determine sizes of panels. A real Johnny Express cab and tipper...
  11. Becco_UK

    Airfix 1/72 SR-N1 and 1/144 SRN4 Hovercrafts Kits Depending on how bidding goes, the two Hovercraft for less than the price of one.
  12. Becco_UK

    5/32 Aurora Convair B-58 Hustler Bomber (Parts) (Vintage 1950's) Useful for B-58 parts?
  13. Becco_UK

    Vosper Triple Screw Express Turbine Yacht Mike Delamar used one of these to build a studio scale Rescue/Patrol boat as originally featured in a few...
  14. Becco_UK

    U59 Explosives Truck (Build), Joe 90

    I started this U59 Explosives Truck ages ago but it got 'put to one side' when Linda, my wife became ill. Sadly she died earlier this year. I've lost much interest in 3D and real world modelling but she enjoyed seeing how the U59 was being built and would often give a lending hand. I discovered...
  15. Becco_UK

    Jetex Engine (1950's /1960's Vintage) An authentic addition for studio scale replicas.