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  • Ben - I have been following this project. Super, really super. Stuff. I am an average modeler and could never scratch-build anything of this quality. Thunderbird 2 us mg favorite vehicle to appear on TV or in film. And the origin 'launch sequence' model us the best of the lot. I'm delighted that you chose to reproduce this version
    That said, as this model is 'so close' to perfect I wanted to point out a could of things looking at the photos of the beat complete model. On the real thing looking toward the inside edge where the vertical tail planes meet the front of the crossbar, there is a triangle of that upright visible. The line if the leading edge of the fin connects to the line of the front of the crossbar. On your model the line of the fin goes horizontal for a little but before it meets the crossbar. So there is not a triangle. If you look at 'the still' in the e d credits you can see what I mean. Not sure what this means. Possibly the angle of the leading edge of the upright fins us too steep or the crossbar is too deep.
    The other thing is the color. Always a debate, especially given the differences that appear in the show. And photographs do not ways represent the true. But to me this looks like a Lu's green, whereas the real thing has more of a yellow / brown tinge to it. Anyway I feel bad commenting on work that I can only dream of being able to do. But because this us otherwise SO good I wanted to mention these things.
    Morning Ben,
    I did see your post .... Just amazing Ben. 40", thats fantastic mate. Please can you put me at the top of the list of your builds because this one really excites me! I wish I could have it tomorrow :)
    I think if you put build pics on the forum & get the price right then you could sell many of these.
    When are you hoping to start building them?
    How is TB1 coming along?
    Hello from Michael in Canada,
    I just had a chance to read all of your posting's. On how you made your Thunderbird one. Soooooo impressive congratulations on making such a superb model.
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