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Recent content by Bishop

  1. Bishop

    Look who I found

    Look who I found while looking at Man from U.N.C.L.E screen shots on "Lisa's screen capture site" This ep is call the case of the bat cave... thought it might be a crossover with the caped crusaders, but no... alas.... its an S99 crossover instead...
  2. Bishop

    The Investigator boat.

    Well, the Investigator boat or Coast guard missile boat (not sure what the missiles were for :lol:) has arrived and I'm pleased to say just need some yellow paint added to the sides and the jets and rear fin painted white and jet like. I will also give the "interior" a makeover, but otherwise...
  3. Bishop

    Forum up again

    Thanks Eagle for all the hard work getting us running again. The new page layout is arresting at first (:wtf:) but one quickly moves forward. Some of us have had to resort to email to get our fix, :lol: so many thanks, its nice to be back.
  4. Bishop

    Aliens badges

    Patches n Pins has come through yet again with some very nice Aliens patches I ordered. Its a five pack plus a victory through wings badge.
  5. Bishop

    Dropship cockpit interior

    I have started to pull this apart so I can work on the interior details while procuring pilots. There is plenty of room in the cockpit area which is good as I need to fit two monitors (one plasma like for the co-pilot and the other a box for the pilot.) There is so little detail available that...
  6. Bishop

    They're arrived.

    In my house everyone can hear me scream with delight over these.... Photos as requested Here they are. Loading into the ship before the drop The dust off, dropping in and picking up Why only one pilot???
  7. Bishop

    Changing crew in a Konami Shado 1

    Just a quick look at changing crew in a Konami Shado 1. I think I'd love to change the tracks as well, cutting them off the wheels and finding something better, but one thing at a time. The first picture shows the rather oversized figures supplied. They don't even fit the seats so I don't...
  8. Bishop

    Taito TB2 Question

    Question. Are these Taito TB2s any good? I vaguely remember one of our members suggesting they weren't. There are a couple on ebay at present, but I don't know whether they're worth looking into. And another question. What scale are they .....roughly?
  9. Bishop

    Gerry Anderson like Aliens Drop ship pod vehicle

    Not sure where to post this, but it struck me that the Drop ship is very TB2 like in its ability to bring a pod vehicle to rescue colonials. :D Anyway, I've begun making an APC for the Konami drop ship to deliver. I've gone for the glue together and start carving method in this build...
  10. Bishop

    Konami Aliens

    Can't help but show these off. They're so cool. The APC now has turning wheels and a positionable main turret, operational or stowed. The original molded one was drilled out, a new base was put into the "channel" the turret runs in and a new block to hold the turret itself was made. This is...
  11. Bishop

    Konami Drop ship

    The Konami drop ship I won on ebay has arrive, the APC is on the way. What a great little model this drop ship is. Reminds me of the beautiful detail on the Angel Interceptor. What is most amazing is that for the first time, the lollies are still in the packet. I presume the seller has kept...
  12. Bishop

    Alien V Predator

    My wife has picked this up for me for $3 AU, and looking at the special features the guys are trying very hard to link it all to Alien/Aliens, so as to get street cred I rather think. I see its already been done in the comics and I know everyone was waiting for such a classic battle... but what...
  13. Bishop

    Orange Decals for 23"

    I have bought some orange stickers (a per the originals though not the same brand) for use on the 23". What dimensions should I be using for them? The original painted on things seem too fat when compared with what one sees on the original 44"s.
  14. Bishop

    Plan 9 from Outer Space.

    This is regarded as we know as perhaps the worst film ever made. True, Dark Star was better, but this was kind of fun. Some of the recent 90s Z grade movies are wayyyy worse. I saw one the other night called Tyrannosaurus Wrecks, which I could not watch it was so bad. Typical F grade actors...
  15. Bishop

    Dark Star

    Finally got to watch Dark Star. I can't believe it came out of the same mind that conceived Alien ....shit :&: